Gabriel Majeri

About me

I am a computer science student who is always eager to learn new things. I'm highly passionate about software engineering and look forward to contributing to interesting projects.


Junior Researcher Intern at Bitdefender

July–August 2019

Worked on data analysis and machine learning projects related to malware detection.


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science,
University of Bucharest

Computer Science BSc

Excellent grades at software engineering courses such as object-oriented programming and algorithms and data structures, and mathematical courses such as algebra and real analysis.

„Mihai Viteazul” National College

High School

Graduated at the top of the intensive informatics class.


Programming Languages


Used for 2+ years
  • Creator and maintainer of the uefi-rs library which makes it easy to write bare-metal kernels and hypervisors in Rust.
  • Comaintainer of the packed_simd library for high-performance numerical computing. Profiled and improved the performance of the library in existing benchmarks.


Used for 5+ years


Used for 5+ years


  • Functional: Haskell, Lisp (both Elisp and the dialect used at the ACSL contest)
  • Assembly: x86, ARM and MIPS
  • Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • .NET: C#, Visual Basic (used for RPA)
  • JVM-based: Kotlin (for Android app development), Java
  • SQL: completed the Kaggle SQL Summer Camp 2019


  • Git: Experience with Git-based workflows, maintaining repositories, reviewing code and handling merge conflicts
  • Linux: Bash scripting; virtual machines with libvirt and QEMU; used Docker and docker-compose
  • LaTeX: editing school documents and research papers
  • Windows and Microsoft Office Suite: ECDL certificate


Design & PR Department Director at ASMI

October 2019–Present

I'm the Departament Director for Design & PR at ASMI, our faculty's student association. My role is to organize the activity and foster the growth of our department and its members.

Design & PR Volunteer at ASMI

May 2019–Present

I'm a Design & PR volunteer at ASMI.

  • Created digital content using tools such as Photoshop.
  • Responsible for marketing the Smarthack 2019 hackathon.
  • Helped with improving the association's website.

Algebra Tutor

Winter Semester 2019–2020

Volunteered to hold a class where I helped first year students prepare for the Algebra exam. This helped me develop my communication and teaching skills.

Robot Programmer

December 2016–May 2018

Programmer in my high school's robotics team which participated in the First Tech Challenge national competition. The robot's code was written in Kotlin.

Our team was a finalist in each participating year. In our second year we won first place. I went together with the team to the global competition in Detroit.



Competitive Programming Contests

  • Google HashCode 2020 — our team was third place in the hub where we participated
  • Informatics Olympiadgood results at city level
  • C# Olympiadsecond place on Bucharest


Foreign Languages

  • Romanian is my native language.
  • I've been learning English since kindergarten and I have a Cambridge FCE attesting C1 language level.
  • I've studied German in high school (B2 level).
  • Everything else I've learned using Duolingo: Hungarian, Esperanto, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.


Music may not save your soul, but it will make your soul worth saving.

— Korla Pandit
  • I play acoustic guitar. I learned everything from free online lessons (thanks Justin and Marty).
  • I also play digital piano. Synthesia is a great helper.